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Here's a sample colleagues I've worked with over the years - each with a unique story, talent for holding an audience and teachable spirit. Feel free to reach out to them directly.

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Lisa HelfandComfortable in My Thick Skin

Can you imagine Facebook rejecting a photo of your face because it could generate "high negative feedback"?  Lisa is a former school teacher, spreading awareness of living with a skin-altering disease and life-threatening illness. Five million dollars in medical bills, temporary paralysis, medical error, and life-saving treatment tell only part of her story. Lisa's a national speaker and published author who offers "an awe-inspiring set of messages with grace, poise, and humor!” 

Location: Highland Park, IL

patty skolnik.jpg

Patty Skolnik: A Conversation Can Save a Life

Patty founded Citizens for Patient Safety after losing her son and only child, Michael, to poor communication and medical error. She's transformed her painful experience to become a respected advocate, speaker, and educator for shared decision-making, informed consent and improving patient/provider relationships in healthcare. Though her story moves audiences to tears, Patty's warmth and approachable spirit continue to earn her friends and colleagues worldwide.

Location: Denver, CO

Danny van leeuwen.jpg

Danny van Leeuwen: Empowering People as They Travel Together Toward Their Best Health

Danny is "Health Hats" because he wears (or has worn) just about every hat in the health care journey. A longtime nurse, administrator and informatics guru, he knows his way around the hospital, C-suite and datasets (and the ways we could do better using and sharing data). Danny won't let MS and life's other setbacks get in the way of his "pathological optimism". His joy in life is contagious. And he plays a mean jazz sax.

Location: Boston, MA

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