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Patients' View Partners

A trusted viewpoint on what patients want and need most

I work with leaders to advance ideas, initiatives and practices that support compassion and dignity for their patients.

"What makes a difference to the wounded and sick? Yes, good medicine is amazing science and phenomenal minds working hard to cure. However, let us not forget the small things: a warm smile, an ice chip, a warm blanket, a cool washcloth...holding a fragile hand while sitting by the bed of the dying in the deep recess of night."  

These words from a front-line caregiver remind us that when we're sick and isolated, humanity and compassion from our care team is precious beyond measure.

As the industry spends billions advancing the various "pieces" of health care - from robotics to IT solutions to gene therapy - we hope those who treat us don't forget how it feels to be alone and sick. 







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Pat Mastors

PVP Founder

Pat is a former broadcast journalist whose journey on behalf of patients began when her father died of complications from a hospital-acquired infection. She holds leadership positions at the national policy level, created a 

bedside tool for patients, and has written a critically-acclaimed book to help patients navigate the the health care system.

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I'm based in Providence, Rhode Island, but travel frequently to Washington, DC and Philadelphia. 

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