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Taking blood pressue


"Weighing the pig doesn't make it fatter." - Don Berwick, MD, on measuring health care quality

Health care has always relied on measurement to make the case for change. But patients do not measure. They compare their experiences in health care with their experiences in all other sectors. You can make a big leap just by just remembering our name, calling back when you say you will, or taking the time to explain. Then build from there.


Showing empathy breaks down in two ways: 


 Paying big attention to how we're using your products, process or services. Making sure we can figure it out, and making someone available when we need help. That's still pretty rare in the health care world. When we find it, we tell our friends.


 Acting like a caring human when you take our medical history, our blood, or our credit card info, especially when we're stressed and sick. We won't ever forget your compassion. (Here's a story about that.) 

Patients have been trying to be heard on this for years, through blog posts, focus groups, HCAHPS scores and other surveys. PVP brings these collective patient perspectives alive for your team or audience.